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Bab’s Underground Lounge

March 22, 2009

Well its been a while but I’m not sure there is a better place to start than with Bab’s Underground Lounge. At first glance we were moderately confused as Bab’s entrance is well….underground. You first walk into a little lobby of what looks like a commercial building of some sort.

However it is only moments after the first impression of “what the heck, wheres the bar?” that you notice the long stair case going down to Bab’s Underground Lounge. I thought that in itself was very cool – had a speakeasy feeling about it. Well enough with the externals appearances, lets get to the meat and potatoes.

When we entered the bar it was packed full of fellow bar enthusiasts. The floor layout is very cool, when you walk into the bar there are a couple pool tables lined up and next to them a few very nice leather chairs and couches. This area had a ‘chill’ ambiance to it. Walking further you walk down a few more stairs (duplex esque) and are put into the main bar room. The bar room was also packed, and a little bit less classy if that makes sense. The main bar room had some sports on fancy televisions that were see through but it didn’t appear that Bab’s attracted the sports bar type.  Also in the bar room they had a large amour of exquisite cigars that could be purchased to go along with that gin and tonic or brandy.

Overall the Bab’s Underground was very interesting. I know the majority of the people at the tour such as myself and Elmer liked it. The overall ambiance was dark, but as I said earlier it seemed to have two moods going depending on what section of the bar you were in (bar room v. the lounge area). The drinks were a little on the steep end as my Gin and Tonic was about $6 and Elmer’s White Russian   beverage was close to $5, but we agreed that for the atmosphere it was well worth it.

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  1. jess permalink
    March 24, 2009 7:03 pm

    couches and armchairs were very nice indeed.

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