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About the Tour

The Ann Arbor Bar Tour 2009 was thought up by Elmer. It is in no way an original or innovative concept, but it seemed so few people were interested in visiting bars other than the ones on South University (Good Time Charley’s, Little Brown Jug, Ashley’s, BTB Cantina) when there were a multitude of bars to go to in Ann Arbor. The idea for making a blog about it was inspired by Kasey who have gone every Saturday to a new bar since the creation of the Tour.

My hope is that this blog will be used from now until these bars no longer exist for our friends, for their friends, and for years to come.

We have three bars that anchor our nights out. These are both geographically convenient and also are our favorite bars.
On the north side of town is the Heidelberg, a german restaurant and bar complete with das boot.
On the south side of town is Old Town, a tavern that serves peanuts with beer purchase and cheap drinks during happy hour (after 11 PM)
In between is Monkey Bar, a bar focusing on pool (billiards). They have 11 pool tables, and a great atmosphere.

Since February 21st, 2009 we have decided to end all our bar tours at the Fleetwood Diner. Affordable and delicious food after a night of drinking and fraternizing is the perfect end to a sensational night.

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